You Have Options

As a seller you are in a buyer's market!  HOWEVER, hope is not lost!  You have options and we here at Merrill & Associates Real Estate can help you with all your options.

Short Sales

If you owe more on your home than what it is worth you may qualify for a Short Sale.  Click on our (What Is A Short Sale) link to the right and learn exactly what a short sale is and how you might qualify, you might be surprised!  There is also a great little informative video that might help you understand a few things.


Should you just let your home go to Foreclosure?  Maybe....Maybe NOT!  Click on our (Short Sale Vs. Foreclosure) link to the right and discover what the pros and cons are of each situation.

Sell your home Traditionally

Traditional sellers are selling property in this market!   Last year, almost 29% of the sold transactions for Santa Barbara County were either a Foreclosure/ REO or Shortsales according to our MLS.    However only 16.6% of the sold Sales Volume was either Foreclosure/REO or Shortsales.  This still leaves over 70% of the transactions and over 83% of the Sales Volume to other more traditional sales.  The media  likes to hype up this number but the fact is that the majority of our single family home sales in our area not Foreclosures, REO's and Shortsales.

Traditional sellers are selling their homes every day!  It can be done if you align yourself with the right agent and brokerage.  As a brokerage, we take great pride in our ability to help educate our sellers on the tough market place they are in and what distressed properties they are competing with.  You need to know what your competition is in order to evaluate your pricing.  Once we give you a non biases CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) we help you determine the value of your home in Today's market.  We do not overinflate the pricing to get your listing only to let it sit on the MLS for months getting stagnate and missing valuable marketing time.  We help you to determine a good selling price for home that is realistic and helps you get the most money from your home.  Click on the (Traditional Sellers) link to the right and let us explain to you what makes us different from most other brokerages.